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Crown Tree Services offers a comprehensive range of commercial tree services ranging from pre-planning arboricultural consultancy, Tree Constraints surveys, Tree schedules, Arboricultural Impact Assessments and Method Statements through to post construction surveys including Tree Condition Surveys, Tree management plans and planting advice. We also offer full implementation services using tree reports (which may have been carried out by other arboricultural consultants) in full liaison with Local Authorities, Landscape Architects or other management bodies as appropriate.

If you are in the process of negotiating for the purchase of land for development, Crown Tree Services can carry out a preliminary tree report to provide a guide on the likely tree constraints (including investigation into Tree Preservation Orders or Conservation Area issues) which can provide an invaluable tool to assess possible site layouts/ potential for housing density in relation to trees needing to be retained.

For sites which have been purchased for development, Crown Tree Services can offer a full Constraints report and Impact Assessment adhering to British Standard BS 5837:2012 “Trees in relation to Design, Demolition and Construction” which will satisfy Local Authority legislation (which now has tighter controls on environment issues with regards to the Planning process) and ensure that the most environmentally sensitve approach has been taken to ensure as many trees and hedgerows are retained on site as possible. Crown Tree Services can also advise on new planting schemes to increase the potential of the site being approved under Arboricultural considerations. We can also offer post contruction surveys and landscape maintenance.

We specialise in tree surgery works for any site conditions, including uneven or steep ground or areas near waterways (where liaison/ consent may be required from the Environment Agency) as well as site clearance and strump grinding. A full Health and Safety Method Statement and Risk Assessment is supplied with each contract and tool box talks held on site each day.

If you manage a development site, or have responsibility for trees (such as within a school, college, parish council or housing estate), Crown Tree Services can offer Tree Condition Surveys to assess the health of individul trees or groups of trees and to recommend management/ maintenance work based on these findings. We can also offer emergency call out teams for trees which may have been affected by lighting strike, decay or storm damage.

Crown Tree Services also currently works with Local Authorities in providing a comprehensive arboricultural service package.